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This year, we're running to support the victims of the October 7th massacre, helping support Kibbutzim, businesses and families get back on their feet and build resilience. 

By running with Team Kav L'Noar you're helping heal others.

To register, please select "create campaign".

Fill out your name and email address.

In  the "Campaign Name" field please enter your full name. 
In "Campaign external ID" please enter your name again.
In the "Goal" field please enter the $ amount you're willing to fundraise.
In the  "Description" field (not required) you can tell your crowd more why you've chosen to run with us.
"Campaign start and end date" - please put today's date as a start date and April 1st 2024 as an end date.

After you enter your details and save your campaign, you will receive an email with the next steps to complete your registration. 

 Please note, it may take a few hours for your campaign to upload to the main runners page, but it will be accessible via the link you receive in your email immediately. 

Please reach out with any questions to Tali at